Blatchford, Edmonton, AB

Pilot is a 90-unit townhouse development that aims to bridge Blatchford’s past, present, and future.


• 90-unit rental townhouse project built across 2 phases.
• 9 one-bedroom units and 81 two-bedroom units.
• Total residential area 93,000 sqft.

Inspired by history

Located in the heart of Edmonton at 7035 & 7065 Fane Road, Stratosphere Properties is proud to present Pilot, 81-unit market rental townhouse and 9-unit below market rental project featuring approx. 93,000 sqft of living space. Pilot is Stratosphere’s contribution to Canada’s largest carbon neutral community in Blatchford, Edmonton.

Every home in Pilot is carbon-neutral ready, featuring full solar panel roofs that will help offset the residents’ carbon emissions, along with the geothermal and district energy systems that provide a sustainable source of energy within the Blatchford master planned community.

giving hommage

The project brand and community amenities aims to educate the community and preserve the virtuous spirit and heritage of Blatchford as the former Edmonton municipal airport and Royal Canadian Air Force base. Blatchford hails from a rich history of aviation, rooted in the Golden Jet Age. With streamline design and touches of mid-century modern.